Balayage Hair Color is in Demand

Get ready for a completely different highlighting experience.

The balayage highlighting technique creates gorgeous depth and dimension and, because it is highly customized to your hair, it can be adapted to suit any hair color. The placement of the highlights is more subtle than traditional foil highlights, so it grows out beautifully. No obvious line of regrowth...which means you can stretch the time in between touch-ups.

Highly Customized Color

Your balayage artist will apply color precisely where needed to accent your hair's natural movement, your features and the contours of your face.

Beautiful Dimension

Balayage lighteners result in highlights that are warmer with a transition between dark and light that is longer and more natural looking.

Low Maintenance

By not concentrating lightener as close to the scalp as foil highlights, balayage creates that in-demand shadowed root look, so you can go 8-12 weeks or more before touching up new growth.

The term balayage comes from the French word for sweep, which is a good way to describe this hand painting technique. Sure, foil highlights are performed with a little paint brush too, but the selection and lightener application process is quite different. During a foil highlight, the colorist will take a section of hair, then weave a comb through, picking up a small slice. Then lightener is applied all over that small slice, from root to tip. During a balayage, the colorist takes a smaller section of hair, examines how and where it falls naturally on the head, then applies lightener selectively as if painting, grazing the section on top, along the sides, without going all the way to the scalp on every section.

Not every hair stylist knows how to balayage!

Make sure your colorist has experience with this technique. Never attempt this at home with a drugstore kit.

Not only does balayage require separate training to master the application, it requires different formulation for the lighteners used. A trained stylist will know how to mix the lightener and knows how long to allow the hair to develop.  If rinsed off before the product is done lifting, your hair will look orange. If your stylist doesn't know how and wear to place the highlights, your highlights will turn out patchy. At Nirvana Hair Boutique, our balayage artist is certified in this hair highlighting technique.

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"An AMAZING Salon with amazing stylists!"

-Emely P.

If you normally get highlights, try Balayage. You'll LOVE the effect.

Balayage highlights are warmer and more subtle, and they continue to look beautiful as they grow out. Talk about low maintenance! And Balayage works on ANY hair type and ANY hair color.

Our Balayage Service starts at $175.  Book online today.

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